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Meet the Nonprofits

The More Than Project
The More Than Project was co-founded in 2021 by Kate Swenson and Amanda DeLuca. With both women being special needs mothers, they understood the stress, exhaustion, and struggle that comes with special needs caregiving and wanted to serve others with the support they wish they had years ago. As time went on, they recognized that supporting the caregiver was important, but they also wanted to explore avenues to support the special needs family unit as a whole. This inspired the More Than Project as the overseeing body for More Than a Caregiver, More Than a Sibling, and More Than a Teacher. Each of these programs provide support for caregivers in various forms, from reducing barriers to access mental health counseling, to providing sibling scholarships, to gifting teachers across the country with sensory equipment for their classrooms, and so much more.
We are so excited to send ten percent of every purchase made at Little Rebels with a Cause to this incredible nonprofit through the summer!
You can learn more and donate directly  at:


A Doll Like Me

We are beyond excited to introduce A Doll Like Me! Through spring, ten percent of every purchase at Little Rebels with a Cause will go to this wonderful organization.

A Doll Like Me was born out of the idea that our unique differences make us beautiful. At the very heart of this organization is the idea that children need to see themselves in the toys that they play with.

Dolls are important in play, growing imagination, and they help children make sense of their world. They can help children cope with stressful situations and, most importantly, they can help a child feel confident in who they are. Because of that, dolls should look like the children who love them!  

Owner/Founder Amy Jandrisevits makes each unique doll by hand to look just like the beautiful child who will receive it. Her work is magical. She sees the beauty in all children and captures it in the sweet face of a doll.

Medical costs often mean "extras" are out of reach for families, so A Doll Like Me relies on donations to ensure that dolls remain free of charge for those receiving them.  Visit to learn more or donate directly.



Other Nonprofits we LOVE!

Oregon Adaptive Sports
Oregon Adaptive Sports (OAS) provides life-changing outdoor experiences for individuals with disabilities.  OAS works to remove the barriers to the outdoors to empower athletes of all ages and abilities to gain confidence, resilience, and independence.  OAS serves hundreds of individuals through 10 year-round outdoor sports including the Pacific Northwest's leading adaptive ski programs at Mt Bachelor and Hoodoo ski areas!  OAS also offers all programs at low or no cost to athletes, which is only possible thanks to its generous donors and sponsors!
For more information or to donate directly:
NW Disability Support
NW Disability Support has two programs, All Born (in) (ABI) and Northwest Down Syndrome Association (NWDSA).
ABI is cross-disability work with a mission in pursuit of an inclusive civil society. They empower and support families and individuals whose lives have been touched by developmental disability. They work to increase education, promote public understanding and acceptance, advocate for full inclusion, and defend the civil rights of individuals with disabilities. Their values are the core of the organization and the basis for how they make decisions to support their mission.
NWDSA's mission is to create and nurture a loving and inclusive community celebrating every person with a disability, including Down syndrome.
For more information or to donate directly: