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An Autism Journey

This boy works hard every day to communicate in ways that don’t come naturally for him. 

He works through unanticipated sounds that physically hurt him. 

He relentlessly creates order, repetition, and sameness all around him to feel safe. 

He’s so curious, craves adventure, and would examine every inch of this big old world if he could.

He constantly teeters along a line of fearless and so incredibly fragile.

He was born with the kindest heart and I want the world to see that… I want them to see the hard work, the kind heart, and the bravery for heading out into the unexpected even when it could be painful & confusing.

He’s my constant reminder that EVERYbody is SO MUCH MORE than what meets the eye.✨

I tell my boys story to raise awareness and acceptance for him and millions of others who were born into a world that wasn’t quite designed for them.

All I want for him is to be understood, accepted, & supported.

To follow his story and learn more about the beautiful, complicated world of autism, you can follow us at 🖤