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About Little Rebels with a Cause

Welcome, Little Rebels!
We make apparel with purpose for little advocates & upstanders who embrace differences, or Little Rebels, as we like to call them.

Our son is an adorable, curious, ten-year-old who is autistic and processes this world differently than many of us do.  We see the way his little sister advocates for him, from running to get his headphones when a noise is painful for him, to telling most people she meets that her brother has autism. She does this in the same way one might say their brother is great at football or playing the guitar.
She’s proud of him.

We’ve seen the value of inclusion for both of our kids, and so many more incredible humans who are a part of this Little Rebel community.

We have so much to learn from one another.

We believe words are important, and we hope our tees spark valuable conversations around kindness + inclusion in your communities.

Our son’s sensory processing difficulties can make clothing choices tricky.  We worked hard to find the softest, most comfortable tees around, most with easy to tear-away tags. You’ll notice an abundance of black and white throughout our designs, as that is the only kind of tee he prefers to wear these days.

Thank you for joining us to support nonprofit disability services and advocacy! We’re proud to donate ten percent of every purchase to some amazing nonprofits. These organizations range from assisting anyone with a disability in finding their inner athlete through outdoor recreation, to unique handmade dolls to match the kiddos who will play with them (#representationmatters!), to inclusive and ACCESSIBLE playgrounds so that ALL can play, to supporting the caregiver, and those who advocate for a loving and inclusive community for anyone with a disability.  We plan to introduce additional nonprofits throughout the year.

We look forward to raising awareness for these programs and making a difference with you.
David, Lauren, Wilson & Charlie
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